Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Custom ZMA


 Ingredient   Custom Optimum Nutrition ZMA
 Zinc225 mg 30 mg
 Magnesium650 mg 450 mg
 B6100 mg 10.5 mg
 Price per serving $ 0.06 per serving $ 0.37 per serving


  1. Hi Mark, i am also work with Web Development i have been working in web companies here in colombia like for 12 years.

    i have adhd and i want to do my own suplement pill with Zinc, magnesium, B6 and Iron.

    i see your custom ZMA have Zinc, magnesium, B6 so i would like to know if its safe , did you have any troubles whit this mix?. i just want to be sure. cause i have never maked my own suplemente pill before.

    second question, do this help you to focus? because that is my objetive to improve my focus and attention.

    thanks a lot for your time, you can count whit me for any about web development. i have experiencie a lot of knowledge about it.

    sorry my english is bad, non native languaje.

    1. Hi Jose,
      ZMA is safe as long as you stay in the recommended dosages. I don't make pills with mine, I just scoop the powder in some water and drink it. I updated the values with closer to what I actually take(I cut the Zinc and Magnesium in half).
      I take this at night with dinner. I found that taking it on an empty stomach upset my stomach the next day. I think that was due to the magnesium. I found that ZMA helps with sleep and cravings at night, but didn't notice any effect on focus or attention, but I also go to sleep soon after I take it.

      Good luck to you, web dev is a great career! I'm sure you get to work on lots of cool stuff.