Monday, September 15, 2014

The Beginning

My name is Mark Dolan.  This blog is my take on
  1. Physical Fitness
  2. Mental Fitness
  3. Overall Healthy Living
The chief aim of a healthy lifestyle is to increase the number of years a person can be physically active and mentally acute.  All the other benefits are just icing on the cake.  Diet is the most important factor.

This blog will keep track of my progress as I
  1. Try to look like a fitness model
  2. Experiment with Nootropics to improve learning
  3. Keep my body and mind adapting
I am in no way tied to looking like a fitness model, that is just my current goal.  I plan on playing sports and/or changing up my workouts in the future.

One form of mental fitness is achieved through continuing education which can take on many forms from reading a book, to going to school, or watching tutorials on the web.  I will discuss Nootropics that increase the effectiveness of study and may decrease the chance of mental disease.

This blog will be closely tied to my twitter account and fitness site.
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I am a computer science student at Temple University.  Below are some links to my other interests.  Any feedback is much appreciated!


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Contact Info:
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